Thursday, December 2, 2010

I LOVE Shutterfly!

Shutterfly has a wonderful offer for bloggers to promote their 2010 Holiday Card Collection that you should definitely check out.

Whenever I need to make photo gifts or projects, I always go to first. We have made photo books for each quarter of Emma Kate's first year and love them. I love how crisp the pictures look and how much control I have of the layout.

Last year for grandparents, we made these GORGEOUS pewter photo ornaments. We were so impressed by the ornaments that Sam and I joked that we might have to make one each year for every child and get a separate tree to fill.

Another great gift idea is shutterfly's wonderful photo canvases. We are giving one of these to my brother and his new wife for a wedding present. They will choose their favorite shot from the wedding, and then we will make a beautiful canvas for their new home! I also think one of these photo calendars would be such a nice gift for someone who works in an office all day.

For Christmas photo cards, it is no contest, we have used shutterfly ever since we started sending them as a family. It is fun to look back on the cards that were just us with the dog and now see our little family grow! I love how classic the matte finish makes them look, and I also love the traditional and nontraditional patterns alike! I like the flat photo cards the best; here are a couple of my favorites:

I am going to keep our card a surprise, but I will say that we will be using a 3+ photo card because we have so many pictures of Emma Kate that I can't decide. Merry Christmas, and be on the lookout for our card!

Our Summer, 2010

Let the blog updates begin! This is the first of MANY new updates. Click here to read about our summer. (And check back for lots of Emma Kate updates and videos.)

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Twelve Month Update

The twelve month update is finally finished (delays have been due to technical difficulties). Keep checking in for MANY more I am working on!

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Thursday, June 17, 2010